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Tomorrow is already the first day of May. I cannot describe the excitement I feel everytime this month arrives. They said May is the month of flowers. I remember, as a child, it was during this month that the two huge fire trees in front of our house blossomed into fiery red flowers, that when you look at them from afar, it's like these trees were on fire. I am sad that I was not able to capture their beauty in pictures. I never even cared for this beautiful scenery before and now I am regretting it, for these two trees are no longer existing. They were cut down when I was in college.
I also remember, I and my cousins used to gather flowers for the Flores De Mayo that we were attending every afternoon. We were having a catechism class. After our class, we were going to have a Rosary and then as we sung a Marian Song, we were offering flowers to the Blessed Virgin Mary because the month of May is being dedicated for her honor.
And the highlight of this month is the celebration of the feast of San Isidro Labrador. He is the patron saint of the farmers. He was being chosen by our older folks who have founded this small barrio of Barangiran because it is an agricultural area. His feast day falls on the 15th which is also my sister Elanie's birthday.
It was such a very big event and a grand feast for our family. It took my grandmother a year of preparation. My grandmother was such a generous woman that every year, people used to flock her home because there were plenty of food being offered to everyone for free. All people be it strangers or friends were being given a warm welcome. As a child I remember myself being in the kitchen most of the time. I was befriending the cooks because I loved tasting all the food being prepared before they could reached the table. But now that she's gone, we no longer have these grand feasts of the old times.
Still there is no reason for me to be sad, because another blessing has come for us to celebrate. My nephew Eldridge was born in this month. In fact, he will be celebrating his first birthday on the 23rd in my hometown with the rest of our family. I can no longer wait for these events to unfold.

The weather today is crazy. It's the middle of summer but we are experiencing heavy rains. I am sipping a cup of coffee wondering what will happen for the rest of the day, when my nephew Eldridge suddenly crossed my mind. I missed him very much. He is staying with my parents in Alamada, my hometown. My mother brought him home last March 7, 2009. Since he is the first nephew we had and the first grandchild in the family, naturally he became the subject of everyone's affection. We're all so crazy for him.

He was born on May 23, 2008 to my sister Elanie. I named him Eldridge after the man who is frequently visiting my dreams since childhood. He is my little angel who made me reconsider my future plans the moment i held him in my arms. I could not describe the joy I felt when i kissed him for the first time. It is as though he is my own. I love this little fellow very much. I never thought my heart could hold so much love for a baby. He never fails to make us all laugh with his antics, despite the fact that he rarely smiles. A trait he had inherited from my sister, his mom. :)

Since his arrival, his cries and screams filled every corner of our home. He gave life to our lonely and quiet home. I can see how radiant my parents' faces are as they laugh everytime Eldridge says, "Ta, ta, ta", referring to my father and makes his signature "mukhasim" face.

Last Holy Week, I went home to spend the holiday with my parents, my two sisters Eleonor and Erika and of course my little angel. I got the time for bonding while babysitting for him at the same time. It was fun, really, because he never gave me a hard time. He will only scream when hungry and cry when sleepy. He has this particular favorite cd of nursery rhymes. In fact, he won't go to sleep if he can't listen to it. For five days, I never got the chance to listen to my own music. All I heard were Eldridge's nursery rhymes that until now are still playing in my head. Occasionally, I find myself unconsciously humming the Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. :)

On May 23, 2009, he will be celebrating his first birthday and he will be spending it with us. I am sure it's going to be a very happy day for all of us. but a sad event on the other hand. Why I have said this? Because, he will be going back to Quezon City where his mom works a week after his birthday. I know it would be selfish to say but I wish my sister will not take him home anymore. But well, what I am wishing for is impossible. I guess I should be contented with the little time he is spending with us at the moment. All I have to do is just savor it because it won't last long. Surely, his departure will break my parents' hearts for they are so used to his presence in our home. I know it will be a long time before they can get over with it.

Hi there, welcome to my site!

It is still April and supposed to have a very hot weather because it's still summertime. But last night, we had a very heavy down pour. It made me think that June already arrived, the start of the rainy season.

Since I am alone here at the office, I'm starting to scribble anything that comes in mind before boredom eats me up! Earlier our judge officiated a wedding wherein the couple kissed thrice because the photographer was not able to capture the moment. :)

Right now, there is an on going court hearing in the session hall. We also have here the presence of Notre Dame University law students who are here to observe the proceedings, which I can hear from where I am sitting. I love to listen to lawyers' arguments. I admire them. They're really a bunch of intelligent professionals. I wish I can be like them too. Such a very far fetched dream. (maybe someday).

By the way this is my first attempt in blogging, so please bear with me. Thank you very much for visiting my site and I hope you you will be able to visit it again as i post more blogs in the days to come.

God bless you all!