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Hi there, welcome to my site!

It is still April and supposed to have a very hot weather because it's still summertime. But last night, we had a very heavy down pour. It made me think that June already arrived, the start of the rainy season.

Since I am alone here at the office, I'm starting to scribble anything that comes in mind before boredom eats me up! Earlier our judge officiated a wedding wherein the couple kissed thrice because the photographer was not able to capture the moment. :)

Right now, there is an on going court hearing in the session hall. We also have here the presence of Notre Dame University law students who are here to observe the proceedings, which I can hear from where I am sitting. I love to listen to lawyers' arguments. I admire them. They're really a bunch of intelligent professionals. I wish I can be like them too. Such a very far fetched dream. (maybe someday).

By the way this is my first attempt in blogging, so please bear with me. Thank you very much for visiting my site and I hope you you will be able to visit it again as i post more blogs in the days to come.

God bless you all!