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Tomorrow is already the first day of May. I cannot describe the excitement I feel everytime this month arrives. They said May is the month of flowers. I remember, as a child, it was during this month that the two huge fire trees in front of our house blossomed into fiery red flowers, that when you look at them from afar, it's like these trees were on fire. I am sad that I was not able to capture their beauty in pictures. I never even cared for this beautiful scenery before and now I am regretting it, for these two trees are no longer existing. They were cut down when I was in college.
I also remember, I and my cousins used to gather flowers for the Flores De Mayo that we were attending every afternoon. We were having a catechism class. After our class, we were going to have a Rosary and then as we sung a Marian Song, we were offering flowers to the Blessed Virgin Mary because the month of May is being dedicated for her honor.
And the highlight of this month is the celebration of the feast of San Isidro Labrador. He is the patron saint of the farmers. He was being chosen by our older folks who have founded this small barrio of Barangiran because it is an agricultural area. His feast day falls on the 15th which is also my sister Elanie's birthday.
It was such a very big event and a grand feast for our family. It took my grandmother a year of preparation. My grandmother was such a generous woman that every year, people used to flock her home because there were plenty of food being offered to everyone for free. All people be it strangers or friends were being given a warm welcome. As a child I remember myself being in the kitchen most of the time. I was befriending the cooks because I loved tasting all the food being prepared before they could reached the table. But now that she's gone, we no longer have these grand feasts of the old times.
Still there is no reason for me to be sad, because another blessing has come for us to celebrate. My nephew Eldridge was born in this month. In fact, he will be celebrating his first birthday on the 23rd in my hometown with the rest of our family. I can no longer wait for these events to unfold.