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The gush of wind, the breeze of spring,
To all creatures, happiness it brings.
The scent of roses, the smiling sunlight,
To everyone's heart, a sweet delight.

The blooming flower's an inspiration,
To all hearts filled with desperation.
The dancing leaves, the birds in the tree,
As if saying, come , let's be merry and gay.


-a humorous line from my Law 1 instructor Atty. Celestino Rapacon
Once there was a brave warrior who set foot on a countryside after engaging himself in so many battles. He wandered aimlessly, with no family to go home to. After so many years of fighting in the battlefield, he found solace in the scenery he was into. Not far from where he was standing, he saw a majestic, sturdy tree whose leafy branches looked like a welcoming embrace. The coolness of the shade tempted every fiber of his tired being that he decided to stay there for a while. The comfort it offered filled his senses.

He pondered over the past events of his life. And like a movie, he saw a vision of himself. A brave and courageous warrior fighting a hundred wars, congratulating himself for every victory he achieved. An unconquerable soul winning it all to reach the top. The phantom gave him an undeniable satisfaction which was truly evident by the smile he wore.

Then he realized that something was strange with the vision. He noticed that he was fighting those battles all alone by himself. The smile slowly faded from his face, as he fell into a deep thought. He felt warm liquid ran along his cheeks. He mourned painfully as his fears, anxiety, worries and regrets surfaced and confronted him face to face. The warrior lost his facade of bravery and courage. He was totally unmasked. He was tired, helpless and alone. He cried and cried until he was exhausted and fell into a deep slumber .

Out of nowhere, a man of noble image appeared. He approached the sleeping figure and woke him up. In a most friendly tone, he whispered to him, "Come my child, I know how tired you are. You have fought enough battles that you need rest. Come with me, I'll bring you to my home, a place where no pain exists but everlasting happiness." The warrior finding a companion, quickly stood up and took the man's hand. He smiled at him and together they went to the man's place.

When the afternoon came, the farmers were heading home. They happened to pass by at the same tree and saw the lifeless body of a man. A warrior in the battle of life.

( This is my first attempt in story making, ten years ago.)

Every time I meet a friend, a former classmate, or a relative, there is this particular question that they never fail to ask. Why are you still single? Whew, what a question! Sometimes, I don't like to hear it because it's kind of rude and irritating.

So I rephrase the question and asked 12 persons who are in their 30s in this way, "why did you choose to remain single?" (at least it's not a rude question to ask.) and here are their answers:

  1. I am not ready for commitments.
  2. Because I have put more attention and energy into school and career.
  3. I am happy with my present life.
  4. I have not found the right person for me. I was made to believe that my ex is the right one...and she do believe also, until now we do have still a communication and the feeling is still the same.
  5. I have been hurt and betrayed in the past.
  6. Fidelity issues scare me.
  7. This is my fate.
  8. I am a coward, scared of responsibilities.
  9. This is my calling , I guess.
  10. I want to be always free, because freedom is power.
  11. As much as possible, I don't want to be single forever, but I'd rather be alone than be with someone I don't love or who does not love me back.
  12. I don't consider marriage a necessity in my life.
They have different answers, but I can relate to some of them =).

I remember a person who asked me this before, "Why are you not married yet?" she got the nerve to asked me huh? I answered her , "Well, we are different. I have other priorities in life far more important than marriage. And besides, marriage is not a race that the one who finish first is the winner, rather, it is like a business that needs to have a capital (emotional capital in this case) and invests on careful planning."

Contest my answer, anybody?
I was trying to organize my books which were left neglected for almost two years now, when I stumbled upon my old pocket notebook. The one which I used to call "my ideas notebook" way back in college. It contains my thoughts, favorite quotes, poems and anything that my young mind can perceived. I browse it and found this particular poem which I have written in September of 2000.

Once in my life, I was so crazy about poem writing. Here is one of the poem I have written when I was 21 years old.


(by: Elena P. Puno)

Hey pal, I have something to tell you.

It’s all about the tree outside my window.

A tree whose leaves tirelessly dancing

As the gentle breeze keeps on breathing.

This tall, mighty, heavy foliaged tree,

Loves to dance for me to be happy.

On its branch is the singing bird on its nest

That put my chaotic mind to rest.

Looking at the tree outside my window,

Makes my heart leap and my soul aglow.

Who alone could make me this blissful?

But this wonderful tree with leaves so full.

This tree is more of a father to me.

When on my bed I cried and laid down my tired body,

This sturdy, splendid, wonderful tree,

Would seem to say, be still my child I still loved thee.

I consider my humble self lucky

Above the people who have the money.

For I have found my greatest glee,

Outside my window is my beloved old tree.

(September 2000)

My good friend Jason loves dogs. In fact, he has two, Bella and Daisy. Yesterday, he told me that Daisy gave birth to five cute puppies. He had not known that she was pregnant when he took her home. So the arrival of these cute creatures took him by surprise.

These puppies are the center of everyone's attention, Jason's, his neighbors' and oh well, me! I can't help myself but asked him to give me one. But since he lives in Phoenix, he has to take care of my little one for me. Good thing he relented. I wanted to name her Alexa, after my Mafia Wars character. But Jason suggested another name for her. He wanted to name her Ginger. Well, it's a cute name too, so we named her Ginger.
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At last we have decided on his name. It's Irvene Azriel.
Another blessing has come to our family. Today, my cousin Irene gave birth to a bouncing baby boy through Cesarean Section at Kidapawan Medical Specialist, Inc. We have not decided on his name yet. I still have to look for it on There are a lot of baby names there that I could choose from. So good luck to me, I hope I could find a good name for my new nephew.
My sister just sent me a text message that says, "Have you ever noticed that there are no letter "A" from 1 to 999? Not until you reached 1000, right?

These are one of the simple things we tend not to notice and care about. I find this information rather amusing =). Well at least we knew already by reading this.
Have you seen this disturbing LBC commercial? A child joined a Spelling Bee Contest. Edu Manzano, the host asked him to spell the word REMITTANCE. He spelled it as L-B-C. What????

I found this advertisement improper and very misleading. I am not thinking of reacting with this commercial. But after hearing my friend's story, I can't help myself from writing this. My friend has a five year old son who asked her if the word remittance is really spelled as LBC. To which my friend vehemently said NO! (Click this link to see the commercial for yourself. LBC AD

I think it is somewhat delivering a wrong information to the younger kids. I hope they would stop airing that commercial and replace it with a more sensible one. Please do our kids a favor, make sensible and educational commercials.

It's really flattering or if I may say I feel great the way my mother show her love for me. I could not ask for more. I am one of those lucky children born to a mother of her kind. If there is one thing that I would always wanted, it is her unconditional love for me. Her touch heals and brings back my strength. Her voice is the sweetest melody to my ears. A melody that brings comfort to my grieving heart. Her mere presence is the assurance that I am safe. Her smile takes away my pain.

She inspired me in every way. She alone could understand what I feel especially my pain. She knows every fiber of me. Every minute of my life, I always long to be at her side, to see the stars in her eyes when she's happy, to kiss her, to whisper to her that I love her so much and to thank her for being my mother. She bore seven children and yet her heart still overflows with so much love for all of us. Only God knows how much love her heart can hold. She is the most important person for me. The wisdom she has taught me would always remain in my heart wherever I am. That whatever feat I will achieve in life, it is still important to look back from where I began and to be humble at all times.

She keeps on loving and understanding me despite my tantrums, crankiness and not to mention my stubbornness (though I already regretted those things). She still keeps on loving me as sure as the sun shines in the east. She is my mother, an ordinary woman in other people's eyes, but for me, she is the heroine of my life.

And as a tribute to my mother and to all mothers who are reading this, let me share to you this beautiful poem written by Juan Salazar

(by Juan Salazar)

I wish to write of my mother
My mother loving and kind,
Who to me, more than any other,
Is the Idol of my mind.

No task was too great for her fingers.
Now they are wrinkled, twisted and bent;
Ah, my memory fondly lingers
On her ministries, heaven-sent.

Her beautiful raven tresses
Are fading to winter's gray,
But the width of her caresses
Grows greater everyday.

Her face like an angel's grow brighter
With the passing of the years,
And her voice makes the dark places lighter
As she wipes away my tears.

But every home where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is truly home and home sweet home!
For there the heart can rest.

She cared for me in my boyhood
With a love that can never be told
And that love in the years of my adulthood
Is even more precious than gold.

I was often wayward and careless
But she loved me just the same;
And when I was cruel and heartless,
Her heart condoned the shame.

My mother, my beautiful mother,
Thank God for your life sublime
You have taught us sister and brother
The noblest lesson of time.

That for others our lives should be given
That our actions should always be right
Your reward is secured up in heaven
A crown in the mansion's light.