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It's really flattering or if I may say I feel great the way my mother show her love for me. I could not ask for more. I am one of those lucky children born to a mother of her kind. If there is one thing that I would always wanted, it is her unconditional love for me. Her touch heals and brings back my strength. Her voice is the sweetest melody to my ears. A melody that brings comfort to my grieving heart. Her mere presence is the assurance that I am safe. Her smile takes away my pain.

She inspired me in every way. She alone could understand what I feel especially my pain. She knows every fiber of me. Every minute of my life, I always long to be at her side, to see the stars in her eyes when she's happy, to kiss her, to whisper to her that I love her so much and to thank her for being my mother. She bore seven children and yet her heart still overflows with so much love for all of us. Only God knows how much love her heart can hold. She is the most important person for me. The wisdom she has taught me would always remain in my heart wherever I am. That whatever feat I will achieve in life, it is still important to look back from where I began and to be humble at all times.

She keeps on loving and understanding me despite my tantrums, crankiness and not to mention my stubbornness (though I already regretted those things). She still keeps on loving me as sure as the sun shines in the east. She is my mother, an ordinary woman in other people's eyes, but for me, she is the heroine of my life.

And as a tribute to my mother and to all mothers who are reading this, let me share to you this beautiful poem written by Juan Salazar

(by Juan Salazar)

I wish to write of my mother
My mother loving and kind,
Who to me, more than any other,
Is the Idol of my mind.

No task was too great for her fingers.
Now they are wrinkled, twisted and bent;
Ah, my memory fondly lingers
On her ministries, heaven-sent.

Her beautiful raven tresses
Are fading to winter's gray,
But the width of her caresses
Grows greater everyday.

Her face like an angel's grow brighter
With the passing of the years,
And her voice makes the dark places lighter
As she wipes away my tears.

But every home where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is truly home and home sweet home!
For there the heart can rest.

She cared for me in my boyhood
With a love that can never be told
And that love in the years of my adulthood
Is even more precious than gold.

I was often wayward and careless
But she loved me just the same;
And when I was cruel and heartless,
Her heart condoned the shame.

My mother, my beautiful mother,
Thank God for your life sublime
You have taught us sister and brother
The noblest lesson of time.

That for others our lives should be given
That our actions should always be right
Your reward is secured up in heaven
A crown in the mansion's light.


jamil said...

wow....what a great love..yah.!!!!.thats the reason why some men if not all wants to marry a woman having same qualities of their mom...indeed what we are today its because of them ryt?haahha you ryt atty...mothers love is unconditional...they are our first hero...and always be the first in the line..hahaha its true for A mama's boy like me..and i am proud to be one...coz i love my mom....the way she loves me...hahhaah