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I was trying to organize my books which were left neglected for almost two years now, when I stumbled upon my old pocket notebook. The one which I used to call "my ideas notebook" way back in college. It contains my thoughts, favorite quotes, poems and anything that my young mind can perceived. I browse it and found this particular poem which I have written in September of 2000.

Once in my life, I was so crazy about poem writing. Here is one of the poem I have written when I was 21 years old.


(by: Elena P. Puno)

Hey pal, I have something to tell you.

It’s all about the tree outside my window.

A tree whose leaves tirelessly dancing

As the gentle breeze keeps on breathing.

This tall, mighty, heavy foliaged tree,

Loves to dance for me to be happy.

On its branch is the singing bird on its nest

That put my chaotic mind to rest.

Looking at the tree outside my window,

Makes my heart leap and my soul aglow.

Who alone could make me this blissful?

But this wonderful tree with leaves so full.

This tree is more of a father to me.

When on my bed I cried and laid down my tired body,

This sturdy, splendid, wonderful tree,

Would seem to say, be still my child I still loved thee.

I consider my humble self lucky

Above the people who have the money.

For I have found my greatest glee,

Outside my window is my beloved old tree.

(September 2000)