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Once there was a brave warrior who set foot on a countryside after engaging himself in so many battles. He wandered aimlessly, with no family to go home to. After so many years of fighting in the battlefield, he found solace in the scenery he was into. Not far from where he was standing, he saw a majestic, sturdy tree whose leafy branches looked like a welcoming embrace. The coolness of the shade tempted every fiber of his tired being that he decided to stay there for a while. The comfort it offered filled his senses.

He pondered over the past events of his life. And like a movie, he saw a vision of himself. A brave and courageous warrior fighting a hundred wars, congratulating himself for every victory he achieved. An unconquerable soul winning it all to reach the top. The phantom gave him an undeniable satisfaction which was truly evident by the smile he wore.

Then he realized that something was strange with the vision. He noticed that he was fighting those battles all alone by himself. The smile slowly faded from his face, as he fell into a deep thought. He felt warm liquid ran along his cheeks. He mourned painfully as his fears, anxiety, worries and regrets surfaced and confronted him face to face. The warrior lost his facade of bravery and courage. He was totally unmasked. He was tired, helpless and alone. He cried and cried until he was exhausted and fell into a deep slumber .

Out of nowhere, a man of noble image appeared. He approached the sleeping figure and woke him up. In a most friendly tone, he whispered to him, "Come my child, I know how tired you are. You have fought enough battles that you need rest. Come with me, I'll bring you to my home, a place where no pain exists but everlasting happiness." The warrior finding a companion, quickly stood up and took the man's hand. He smiled at him and together they went to the man's place.

When the afternoon came, the farmers were heading home. They happened to pass by at the same tree and saw the lifeless body of a man. A warrior in the battle of life.

( This is my first attempt in story making, ten years ago.)