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Every time I meet a friend, a former classmate, or a relative, there is this particular question that they never fail to ask. Why are you still single? Whew, what a question! Sometimes, I don't like to hear it because it's kind of rude and irritating.

So I rephrase the question and asked 12 persons who are in their 30s in this way, "why did you choose to remain single?" (at least it's not a rude question to ask.) and here are their answers:

  1. I am not ready for commitments.
  2. Because I have put more attention and energy into school and career.
  3. I am happy with my present life.
  4. I have not found the right person for me. I was made to believe that my ex is the right one...and she do believe also, until now we do have still a communication and the feeling is still the same.
  5. I have been hurt and betrayed in the past.
  6. Fidelity issues scare me.
  7. This is my fate.
  8. I am a coward, scared of responsibilities.
  9. This is my calling , I guess.
  10. I want to be always free, because freedom is power.
  11. As much as possible, I don't want to be single forever, but I'd rather be alone than be with someone I don't love or who does not love me back.
  12. I don't consider marriage a necessity in my life.
They have different answers, but I can relate to some of them =).

I remember a person who asked me this before, "Why are you not married yet?" she got the nerve to asked me huh? I answered her , "Well, we are different. I have other priorities in life far more important than marriage. And besides, marriage is not a race that the one who finish first is the winner, rather, it is like a business that needs to have a capital (emotional capital in this case) and invests on careful planning."

Contest my answer, anybody?


Lidia said...

only one reason before that I have,I never found my soulmate yet.but now I already have......wish me always happily ever after.....pls vi$it me back.I'll put my $$mile in here for you...thx you