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Ushi is a month old today. Look at how she looks now. She is sniffing her sibling and she knows how to walk with her little feet already. Jason said that she turned a month on June 16, 2009 since it's the fourth Tuesday since her birth. Well, I did not argue with him anymore. A month for me consists of 31 days and not 28 days as he believes it to be. For as long as my Ushi is healthy, I don't care if she's 28 days old or 31 days old.


Analuz said...

Hi Len. Inggit ako, dugay nako nangandoy ug pet dog pati mg bata. Haay! pila gani sila kabuok? Cutie cutie jud sila.

Elena said...

five cla tanan ate....terrier ang breed