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We cannot deny the fact that the scandal that circulated in all forms of media last month has stirred the lives of many Filipinos from all walks of life. Be it a farmer, a vendor, a saleslady, a banker, government and private employees, bystanders and many more know all about the Hayden Kho - Katrina Halili scandal.

It ensued the senate investigation, where one of the spectators poured a bottle of mineral water over Hayden's head. It also stirred the women sector especially the Gabriela who showed support for Katrina.

In the middle of this chaos, the ingenuity of the Filipinos surfaced again. They found a way to make this situation rather humorous. Listed below are the proof of Filipinos' creative mind in the midst of the havoc. Up to now, it is still circulating in all mobile phones. Admit it or not but you have received some or all of these jokes and maybe you laughed at them, too.

Dr. Kho, naospital?
Showbiz Reporter : Dok, bakit na confine si Hayden? dahil ba binuhusan siya ng tubig ni Abner Afuang during senate investigation?
Doktor : No, no, no..that's not. Just a minor infection, kasi marami siyang nakain na pubic hair galing kay Ms. Halili.

Tanong : Ano ang shampoo ni Katrina Halili?
Sagot : Siyempre ang world's no. 1 anti-dandruff shampoo, Hayden shoulders!

Lesson from the circulating scandal today:
Pag kayo ay na KATRI-NA,
make sure walang HAYDEN camera!

The first victim of swine flu in the Philippines is Miss Katrina Halili. According to her, "Binaboy ako!" in English, "I was swined!"

If we Filipinos can be very creative when it comes to this subject, it will be very much appreciated if we can use this creativity in something more useful especially with our present economic status and for the benefit of all our countrymen. Let us help in our own little way to improve the country's condition.


Analuz said...

Yes. It became sensational, almost everybody talks about this issue. I hope senator Bong will keep his hands off about this and concentrate more on issues na may kabuluhan hehehe.