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I came across an article in Reader's Digest April 2006 issue entitled Buff Your Shoes with a Banana written by Andy Simmons. The title caught my attention that I read it. It has some useful tips on house cleaning. I found some of them absurd and crazy but hey, they're quite effective when I tried them. I can't help myself but share it here. I picked some of my favorites and here they are:

  1. Use distilled white vinegar for stained carpets at home.
  2. Mayonnaise is a good hair conditioner.
  3. To remove the stale odor of old books, simply put them inside the freezer.
  4. A dab of shortening can be used as make-up remover.
  5. If a bubblegum stuck in your hair, a small amount of peanut butter will do the job. Just rub it on you hair until the gum comes out.
  6. A splash of vinegar under your arm gets rid of the dreaded body odor.
  7. Butter can be used as shaving cream. Just slather it on you wet skin to shave smoothly.
  8. A mixture of water and crushed aspirin can be used to dry pimples. Just apply the paste to the pimple, wash it off after a few minutes. It will reduce the redness and relieve the pain.
  9. A mixture of lemon juice and baking soda can soften dry, scaly elbows.
  10. Rubbing a few coffee beans together can removed odors from the hand, because it releases oil from the beans that absorbs the smell.
And you know there's this interesting one that I don't know if I am going to try. It's buffing your shoes with a banana peel. Are you interested to try it?