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I was grumbling early in the morning because of the heavy rain. The rain that has continued pouring for a week now and cause heavy flooding around the city of Cotabato and North Cotabato. A lot of crops has been damaged. Properties were lost. Many people were left homeless and worst in my hometown two major bridges were destroyed that greatly affected its economy.

It was at this juncture that I received a message from my sister that says; Be positive in spite of everything. Enjoy being alive. There's plenty of time to be dead. Sometimes, nobody really care if you are miserable. So you might as well be happy. If you can't solve it, it's not a problem - it's reality. Happiness is like perfume, you can't pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself. If all good must come to an end, then don't worry. All bad things eventually would end, too.

Alright, I know this rain would stop as well as the flood. I won't dwell in misery and grumble about the situation. For now, I'll just enjoy the weather and sleep.

Ano ang kaibahan ng SONA sa fairytale?

Ang fairytale ay isang kwento na hindi totoo at merong dwende.

Ang SONA ay merong dwende na nagkukuwento ng hindi totoo.

Gets nyo?

A text message forwarded by a friend ;)

Ushi napping last Sunday morning in this very funny position to keep cool and ward off the heat that summer brings. This is her latest photo.

While on my way to ORG (Office of the Regional Governor) Compound, I notice that there are a lot of policemen stationed along Sinsuat Avenue. I see a lot of them standing a few meters apart from each other. I come across a convoy of police cars and government vehicles. I hear wailing sirens. Hmmmm.....Cotabato City is in a festive mood. Why? It made my eyebrows raise. A bomb? Oh no, not again! Hey wait, my hunches say no. It could not be a bomb. But I can't think of anything to cause this much police visibility along the highway. I know in my mind that it's not just an ordinary Friday morning. If it is, then the highway will appear normal. With normal, I mean there will just be a few policemen around. hehehe........

Only later did I learn that the most powerful person in the Philippines today, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is here in Cotabato City, to meet the local government officials at People"s Palace. I don't know what their meeting is all about. Maybe they will discuss about the recent bombing and kidnappings here.

Well anyway, today is a lazy Friday. I am going to have a long weekend ahead, as our Muslim brothers and sisters will celebrate Isra Wal Miraj, one of their holidays on Monday. and me? I am looking forward for a weekend of sleep, movies, food and Farm Town. Which reminds me, I got a harvesting to do tonight and tomorrow. Have a good weekend everyone. I hope you enjoy weekend as I do.
Picture this. From being just another common folk you become an instant celebrity. Your very quiet and private life becomes the interest and talk of every people in town. Everywhere you go, people know you. What if it happens to you? Would you be delighted? What if the cause of your popularity is a dirty gossip? A gossip that will destroy your most treasured family. And the people who are supposed to be at your side to comfort you are the ones that are also spreading it and poisoning your husband's or wife's mind instead? Those people you call your in-laws. How do you like that? How will you react when people smile at you but you are not sure if it is a genuine smile or just a mockery? How will you respond to this?

I am just fortunate that I have never been a subject of a dirty gossip. But a friend of mine is. She is not in good terms with her in-laws because of the issue of conjugal properties which they have used and taken advantage of without her knowledge. It is insulting, right? Since her husband is away, they took the liberty to discredit her by telling him bad things about her which I know in my mind is not true. They were not thinking what will be the consequences of their action. Worse they spread the rumor about her having an illicit affair to anybody who cares to listen. Well, who will not be interested to hear such juicy news?

It costs her her marriage. Her husband no longer listens to hear no matter what explanations she have. Now she is alone. she has to work to support her children.

This is sometimes the result of people's greediness. For their hunger for earthly things, they could make things that will hurt others. They would do stupid things to justify their greed at the expense of this hapless victim of their wrong doing.

Whoever is guilty of this, Shame on you! You deprive a wife of her husband and the children their father. You destroy their chance for happiness. May God have mercy on your souls. For what you have done cannot be forgotten.
When are you going to get married? That's the frequently asked question I get from a family member, acquaintances and friends since I turned 25. Now that I am about to turn 30, ( I'll be turning 30 this 12th of December) this question still keeps on haunting me. Sometimes I am asking myself, do I really have to get married?

My mother asked me once that question too. She said she is just worried that I will be alone when I grow old since she and my father will not be always around. There's nobody who will take care of me then.

My youngest sister Erika once wanted me to really get married but now the wind has changed its course and made her changed her mind hehehe... For now, she wants me to remain single. She said that it will be her who will take care of me when the twilight of my life comes. Hmm, sounds very inspiring. But when I asked her how she will take care of me, she nonchalantly said, "well, I will send you to the home for the aged." That made me pout. What a lovely way to show she cares. What an effortless way of showing how she loves and cares for me, funny. Well she is just a child. I understand her. She might change her mind when she matures.

As for myself, I never really intend to get married in the same way that I never intend to remain single forever. Confusing??? hehehe... What I have in mind is, whatever God wills to happen I will just be ok with it. Whatever He has in store for me, I will gladly accept it because I know that He knows what's best for me and what it is that I deserve to have.

It really inspired me to hear that some of my classmates have grade school kids already. But I can't imagine myself having a grade school kids at this age. Still, it encourages me to entertain the thought of having a married life.

Just as I am about to be convinced that it is a wonderful idea, one of my friend called me bringing up the subject of annulment as she and her husband will be separating ways. Pshaw! The infidelity issue that I dreaded the most came up!

Now tell me, do I still have to get married if this thing will also happen to me? To quote Shakespeare, to be or not to be, that is the question.

I wanted to dwell only in my imagination rather than in reality. For in it, I am the master of anything. I am the ruler of my own kingdom. It is the only place that I have that nobody can invade. There exists the people I want to be with. MY IMAGINATION IS MY PARADISE. Nobody can take it from me.

Have you ever considered growing bonsai trees? It is both challenging and enjoyable hobby and an art of its own. I am a big fan of bonsai gardening. I can't describe what I feel every time I see these nature's replica. I am always in awe by this man's attempt of imitating nature in artistic way.

As one article that I read says, growing bonsai tree is the art of training and growing the miniaturized trees in containers. You can dwarf a tree by pruning its branches and roots. Different techniques are being applied to make a tree look matured. A bonsai tree can be grown using seeds or cuttings. I like to use the cuttings because they come from mature plants and itself already looked matured. But still the beauty of a bonsai that came from a seed cannot be discounted. For seeing a small plant emerging from a pot is witnessing one of nature's miracles.

You cannot grow a bonsai just by simply placing a plant in a pot. It takes patience and tender loving care to grow a perfect bonsai. Not only that, but also an immense knowledge of techniques in growing bonsai tree and being artistic and being creative of the person who plants them are also contributory factors in growing a perfect-shaped bonsai tree.

The following plants are my own personal choice to grow as bonsai. I like balete
(Ficus indica), Fukien tea (tsaang gubat), Kamachile (Phithecellebium dulce), Bougainvilla, Guava, Narra, Ipil-ipil, Accacia and Sampalok (Tamarind).

If you are considering to learn the techniques on how to grow bonsai trees, I recommend this site, This is where I first get my first bonsai information because I am contemplating to make bonsai gardening a hobby. My only problem is the space. For there is no suitable space to grow them in the place where I live. It is a challenge I have to deal with and hope to overcome. You may also try to visit this site for other information

Around 8 a.m. today, a bomb exploded at the front of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral here in Cotabato City. I now realize that it pays to be late sometimes if not, maybe i was one of the unfortunate victims. Some church goers were wounded. I was on my way to the church when I heard and saw the explosion. Then I saw a black cloud of smoke from the area. I am just seconds away from it. I am so scared. I don't know what to do. I see wounded people at the vicinity of Mc Donald's which happens to be at the front of the Cathedral. I am confused as to what to do. The only thing I know was to run and seek refuge and safety. There is chaos everywhere. My feet dragged me to the Formation house inside the Cathedral Compound where my fellow Prex members are also there.

It 's a horrible scene to watch. I can't bear to look at it. It is my first time to witness a bomb explosion. To see those people crying for help is very heart wrenching. I really wanted to help but I can't barely move as I am paralyze by fear thinking that another bomb will explode. I just got relieved when I see them being loaded to the ambulances that responded immediately to the emergency situation.

My heart goes out to the family who lost their one year old child. So sad for an angel to die in such a horrible way. I can feel their pain.

It made me realized how fragile my life is. I am here now, who knows I might die the next minute before I can even blink my eyes. I have to cherish every moment with my loved ones because I don't know if I will stay alive much longer.

Caroline, an officemate of mine introduced me to the world of Farm Town. It is a virtual farm in Facebook where i play as a farmer. My character is named Erika after my sister and my farm is named Ushi's Farm after my baby.

I plow, plant and harvest my crops. I do these myself (if only farming is this easy!) I visit my neighbors and tend their farms. In return, I earn experience points and money to get to a new level. I am also sending them gifts everytime I get online.

During harvest time, I am hiring other players to harvest my crops. This way, I earn much larger amount of money and at the same time, they earn too. Just like a real farmer, I sell my harvested crops to the market and earn more.

If I already have enough money, I will buy my own little house. It is one of my goal. But for now, I concentrate on planting to earn more because I only have 25,000 coins and a little house costs 70,000 coins. I am still very far from reaching my goal.

I love this game. It teaches me how to spend and earn money, to be frugal and most of all the value of patience.