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Caroline, an officemate of mine introduced me to the world of Farm Town. It is a virtual farm in Facebook where i play as a farmer. My character is named Erika after my sister and my farm is named Ushi's Farm after my baby.

I plow, plant and harvest my crops. I do these myself (if only farming is this easy!) I visit my neighbors and tend their farms. In return, I earn experience points and money to get to a new level. I am also sending them gifts everytime I get online.

During harvest time, I am hiring other players to harvest my crops. This way, I earn much larger amount of money and at the same time, they earn too. Just like a real farmer, I sell my harvested crops to the market and earn more.

If I already have enough money, I will buy my own little house. It is one of my goal. But for now, I concentrate on planting to earn more because I only have 25,000 coins and a little house costs 70,000 coins. I am still very far from reaching my goal.

I love this game. It teaches me how to spend and earn money, to be frugal and most of all the value of patience.


Analuz said...

Really its very enjoyable len. Many are addicted into it now. Wala pa ko hehehe. My friend too has her own farm there.

Yami said...

poor me. I own a farm, too, but don't know how to play by maintaining it.