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Picture this. From being just another common folk you become an instant celebrity. Your very quiet and private life becomes the interest and talk of every people in town. Everywhere you go, people know you. What if it happens to you? Would you be delighted? What if the cause of your popularity is a dirty gossip? A gossip that will destroy your most treasured family. And the people who are supposed to be at your side to comfort you are the ones that are also spreading it and poisoning your husband's or wife's mind instead? Those people you call your in-laws. How do you like that? How will you react when people smile at you but you are not sure if it is a genuine smile or just a mockery? How will you respond to this?

I am just fortunate that I have never been a subject of a dirty gossip. But a friend of mine is. She is not in good terms with her in-laws because of the issue of conjugal properties which they have used and taken advantage of without her knowledge. It is insulting, right? Since her husband is away, they took the liberty to discredit her by telling him bad things about her which I know in my mind is not true. They were not thinking what will be the consequences of their action. Worse they spread the rumor about her having an illicit affair to anybody who cares to listen. Well, who will not be interested to hear such juicy news?

It costs her her marriage. Her husband no longer listens to hear no matter what explanations she have. Now she is alone. she has to work to support her children.

This is sometimes the result of people's greediness. For their hunger for earthly things, they could make things that will hurt others. They would do stupid things to justify their greed at the expense of this hapless victim of their wrong doing.

Whoever is guilty of this, Shame on you! You deprive a wife of her husband and the children their father. You destroy their chance for happiness. May God have mercy on your souls. For what you have done cannot be forgotten.