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While on my way to ORG (Office of the Regional Governor) Compound, I notice that there are a lot of policemen stationed along Sinsuat Avenue. I see a lot of them standing a few meters apart from each other. I come across a convoy of police cars and government vehicles. I hear wailing sirens. Hmmmm.....Cotabato City is in a festive mood. Why? It made my eyebrows raise. A bomb? Oh no, not again! Hey wait, my hunches say no. It could not be a bomb. But I can't think of anything to cause this much police visibility along the highway. I know in my mind that it's not just an ordinary Friday morning. If it is, then the highway will appear normal. With normal, I mean there will just be a few policemen around. hehehe........

Only later did I learn that the most powerful person in the Philippines today, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is here in Cotabato City, to meet the local government officials at People"s Palace. I don't know what their meeting is all about. Maybe they will discuss about the recent bombing and kidnappings here.

Well anyway, today is a lazy Friday. I am going to have a long weekend ahead, as our Muslim brothers and sisters will celebrate Isra Wal Miraj, one of their holidays on Monday. and me? I am looking forward for a weekend of sleep, movies, food and Farm Town. Which reminds me, I got a harvesting to do tonight and tomorrow. Have a good weekend everyone. I hope you enjoy weekend as I do.


Ron said...

I hope you had a beautiful weekend.