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Around 8 a.m. today, a bomb exploded at the front of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral here in Cotabato City. I now realize that it pays to be late sometimes if not, maybe i was one of the unfortunate victims. Some church goers were wounded. I was on my way to the church when I heard and saw the explosion. Then I saw a black cloud of smoke from the area. I am just seconds away from it. I am so scared. I don't know what to do. I see wounded people at the vicinity of Mc Donald's which happens to be at the front of the Cathedral. I am confused as to what to do. The only thing I know was to run and seek refuge and safety. There is chaos everywhere. My feet dragged me to the Formation house inside the Cathedral Compound where my fellow Prex members are also there.

It 's a horrible scene to watch. I can't bear to look at it. It is my first time to witness a bomb explosion. To see those people crying for help is very heart wrenching. I really wanted to help but I can't barely move as I am paralyze by fear thinking that another bomb will explode. I just got relieved when I see them being loaded to the ambulances that responded immediately to the emergency situation.

My heart goes out to the family who lost their one year old child. So sad for an angel to die in such a horrible way. I can feel their pain.

It made me realized how fragile my life is. I am here now, who knows I might die the next minute before I can even blink my eyes. I have to cherish every moment with my loved ones because I don't know if I will stay alive much longer.


Yami said...

Mabuti na lang nalate ka pumunta sa Church. Thank God you're safe. And yes, kawawa naman the family of the victims. The culprit should pay for what they did.