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When are you going to get married? That's the frequently asked question I get from a family member, acquaintances and friends since I turned 25. Now that I am about to turn 30, ( I'll be turning 30 this 12th of December) this question still keeps on haunting me. Sometimes I am asking myself, do I really have to get married?

My mother asked me once that question too. She said she is just worried that I will be alone when I grow old since she and my father will not be always around. There's nobody who will take care of me then.

My youngest sister Erika once wanted me to really get married but now the wind has changed its course and made her changed her mind hehehe... For now, she wants me to remain single. She said that it will be her who will take care of me when the twilight of my life comes. Hmm, sounds very inspiring. But when I asked her how she will take care of me, she nonchalantly said, "well, I will send you to the home for the aged." That made me pout. What a lovely way to show she cares. What an effortless way of showing how she loves and cares for me, funny. Well she is just a child. I understand her. She might change her mind when she matures.

As for myself, I never really intend to get married in the same way that I never intend to remain single forever. Confusing??? hehehe... What I have in mind is, whatever God wills to happen I will just be ok with it. Whatever He has in store for me, I will gladly accept it because I know that He knows what's best for me and what it is that I deserve to have.

It really inspired me to hear that some of my classmates have grade school kids already. But I can't imagine myself having a grade school kids at this age. Still, it encourages me to entertain the thought of having a married life.

Just as I am about to be convinced that it is a wonderful idea, one of my friend called me bringing up the subject of annulment as she and her husband will be separating ways. Pshaw! The infidelity issue that I dreaded the most came up!

Now tell me, do I still have to get married if this thing will also happen to me? To quote Shakespeare, to be or not to be, that is the question.


calay said...

feel the same way len.that famous and abused question "when will u get married?" already irritates me. people tend to be insensitive must learn to shut up..(winks*)