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Have you ever considered growing bonsai trees? It is both challenging and enjoyable hobby and an art of its own. I am a big fan of bonsai gardening. I can't describe what I feel every time I see these nature's replica. I am always in awe by this man's attempt of imitating nature in artistic way.

As one article that I read says, growing bonsai tree is the art of training and growing the miniaturized trees in containers. You can dwarf a tree by pruning its branches and roots. Different techniques are being applied to make a tree look matured. A bonsai tree can be grown using seeds or cuttings. I like to use the cuttings because they come from mature plants and itself already looked matured. But still the beauty of a bonsai that came from a seed cannot be discounted. For seeing a small plant emerging from a pot is witnessing one of nature's miracles.

You cannot grow a bonsai just by simply placing a plant in a pot. It takes patience and tender loving care to grow a perfect bonsai. Not only that, but also an immense knowledge of techniques in growing bonsai tree and being artistic and being creative of the person who plants them are also contributory factors in growing a perfect-shaped bonsai tree.

The following plants are my own personal choice to grow as bonsai. I like balete
(Ficus indica), Fukien tea (tsaang gubat), Kamachile (Phithecellebium dulce), Bougainvilla, Guava, Narra, Ipil-ipil, Accacia and Sampalok (Tamarind).

If you are considering to learn the techniques on how to grow bonsai trees, I recommend this site, This is where I first get my first bonsai information because I am contemplating to make bonsai gardening a hobby. My only problem is the space. For there is no suitable space to grow them in the place where I live. It is a challenge I have to deal with and hope to overcome. You may also try to visit this site for other information


Yami said...

Hi Elena. I've been looking for your blog ang tagal na. i will add you to my blogroll. It's a good thing you left a message. Thanks for the visit ha. Oh yes, I'm interested to grow a bonsai kaya lang mukhang mahirap ito ha.