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More and more people are getting hooked with Farm Town. My cousin and her husband are hardworking farmers of Farm Town. and so are my sisters, Euvelyn and Elanie. I started ahead of them but they are on a much higher level now than me.

Jason is now a farmer too! When I asked him what made him play the game, he said because I am always talking about it. As for his progress, he is level 9 as I am writing this. I also met a woman from Pennsylvania named Amy Oberdick. She is a generous neighbor. She sends me gifts everyday. I was able to work at her farm before.

The latest addition to Farm town Addicts in my family is my sister Elanie's husband Jayson. I can't help smiling with the way we love Farm Town. Friendster is now just a memory since we can do a lot with Facebook.

As for my progress, I am an Acclaimed Farmer at level 25 with 31 neighbors, 17 buddies and counting. I already have a farm house and a small pond. I owned farm animals which were being given to me as gifts. Thanks to my generous neighbors. My farm is being bordered by trees of different kinds, also gifts from my neighbors. So far that's the latest with my farming adventures.