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In the world of Azeroth, there are two factions, the Alliance and the Hordes. Only a certain group of race are in each faction. Humans, night elves, gnomes and an alien race known as the Draenei belong to the Alliance. Under the Hordes are orc, trolls, undead, blood elves and the Trauen (they look like cow people). The Alliance and Hordes hate each other. They are bitter enemies. They have been warring for hundred of years.

What's this? Welcome to the World of Warcraft! An online game that Jason is so crazy about.

Here's an overview from his own version:

When you enter the world of Azeroth, you have to first choose what side to be on, Alliance of Horde then you get to pick your race. After you pick your race and customize your toon you can name him and then you enter the world as a level 1.

Your goal is to level your character and improve the armor you wear, weapons you carry, strength, agility and intellect which can all be done by doing quests. And then when you turn in a quest, you get experience and money. You can also get experience by exploring the world, too. Every new area you go into you get experience. The animals and monsters you fight also have levels and its important to only be in an area that isn't too much higher than you.

You can learn jobs like leather working, blacksmithing, alchemy, enchanting, mining, etc. and those jobs start at level 1. So you have to level those as you get stronger so you can make new and better things. You will find patterns and recipes as you go. You can learn to fish and be a cook too.

You can meet people and do quest together, too. It's lots of fun, there is so much to do, you never get bored, you always have something to do or somewhere to go. You can join a guild and be a part of a very large group of people from all over the world. what's the importance of a guild? It is important for a lot of reasons, you can make friends, meet people to chat to, to do quests with, etc.

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