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Before I got my present job, I used to work as an inventory analyst at Citi Hardware. A job that I never imagined I'm going to have. I wondered why I was I hired because I knew that I never had an idea what an inventory analyst does. I honestly told my interviewer about it. But I've been hired me just the same. Well, trusting the principle that everything can be learned, I took the risk of going for the job.

My first day went just fine, except that I stood for eight hours in the mass display to get acquainted with the items. It went on for a week. The first two months were terrible. I cannot differentiate a tox from a screw and a bolt from a nut. I hardly knew that there are a lot of nails with different uses. I used to think that a lock only refers to a pad lock and a key but when I worked at Citi Hardware I realized how ignorant I was with these those things. Thanks to the product presentation we had every Saturday, little by little I got familiar with the items. In my later year, a new task was added to my responsibilities. I was assigned to oversee the hardware section. With that, I got to familiarize various useful tools that I only see in my father's collection.

In my three years of stay, I faced challenges. I laughed and cried. There were sunny days and rainy days as well. Ups and downs. Times when I wanted to scream but I had to smile. I made lot of friends. I've been to places. I was lucky enough to have good superiors who guided me. I got to meet people with varied personalities that I had to deal with everyday. Glad that I endured them all. My overtime days are all behind me now. It was a great experience I did not regret, even once.