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My sister just got married and has now transferred to their new home. It is a three-bedroom house with one room left vacant. Being confronted with problem of furnishing the said room, she asked for suggestions on what to do with it. Knowing that like me, she too loves movies, I told her to convert it into an entertainment room. In that way, she can watch movies in a cozy and comfortable ambiance without leaving home. She agreed saying it's an excellent idea.

Drawing inspiration from the television set we saw inside an office we went into, she decided to have a LCD television, a DVD player and subwoofers to furnish her simple home theater (and other accessories to be added later). To which her husband, who is also a movie addict got very excited. To realize this idea of a home theater, we scoured stores and catalogs offering best deals. We search the net too for great finds. And we were not disappointed.

Now, the spare room has been put to use. She's all smiles to see that that once bare room has now been filled and furnished with all things she wanted to have.


limaj said...

wow home theater?????????great!!!!!!!!!!love it...thats my ultimate dream too....