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Last week I went to Mercury Drug Store at Gaisano Mall, Davao City. I encountered a man at the door on my way out. As I was about to go out, he held the door open for me. This surprised me but I was pleased on the other hand. It is not everyday that I am being treated that way. I was hurrying that I forgot to thank him. I did not even caught a glimpse of him. I hope he can read this for him to know that he did me a great favor.

Another incident happened at National Bookstore in the same mall. I was browsing a book when it slipped from my hand. A man standing next to me quickly bent and picked the book for me. Once again, I feel like I am somebody special. As I have said, it's not everyday that I get to encounter this kind of men. Good thing I was able to thank the man this time.

In this modern times when men and women are treated as equal, one of the things that surprises me is to discover that there are still a lot of gentlemen out there. These gestures may be small but they have a significant impact on me. Though men are growing insensitive, I am glad that there are still a lot of this rare breed that exist in our midst.

To all the gentlemen out there, I am proud of you. And like Abou Ben Adhem, may your tribe increase.