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I've been away from bloglandia for a week. This crazy weather we have here beat me and put me in bed for the rest of the week. I couldn't get up because if I do, the whole world will start to spin around. lol My knees were so weak that I have to exert effort just to stand. I had a terrible headache and a fit of coughing that kept me awake in the middle of the night. When I woke up the next day, my ears and throat felt so sore. My God I hate being sick!

To get myself out of boredom, I watched Russell Crowe and Al Pacino movies. Believe it or not I watch The Godfather I, II and III in just one setting! Not to mention Devil's Advocate, Scarface, A Beautiful Mind, The Insider, my personal favorite Gladiator and a lot more. Thanks God for this heaven-sent fluffy pillows, it made my stay in bed a little comfortable.

I have not yet fully recovered from my illness. I still feel weak and I feel like floating when I walk. As I got home today, I immediately went to bed and sleep for an hour. When I woke up I feel a little better. I wish tomorrow I will have a complete convalescence.