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Erika, Eleonor and I are supposed to put up and decorate our Christmas tree today as we have agreed.  But what I saw last night when I got home from Cotabato City surprised me.  I saw our little Christmas tree standing and fully decorated.  The Christmas lights are also in their place.  I was a little disappointed though, as i was looking forward for this day to decorate our tree with my siblings to make it one of our memorable bonding moments.

I asked my sisters who did the decorating.  They answered that it was our mother.  Like myself, they are a little bit disapponted.  We feel like we miss something special this year.  We cannot take the tree down and re-decorate it with our own touch, for fear that in so doing, we might hurt our Nanay's feelings.  We can't do anythig about it anymore but just look at the tree.  We just wish ourselves that we will have a better luck next year.  :)