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Life is not always what we expect it to be.  It is always full of surprises.  Sometimes it brings tears. sometimes it will bring you smiles.  But no matter what it will bring us, we should have a strong heart as a defense.  Whatever life will give us, we should welcome it with open heart.  Embrace it with two arms  spread wide open.

We should live life the way it should be lived if not, then it will have its way of playing its game on us.  Thus, leaving us wallowing in misery.  Life is unpredictable.  As the going gets tough, Jason once said, we should hope for the best but expect for the worse.  Battling trials is not as easy as learning our ABCs.  We should master its every corner and aspect to develop the best weapon to counter these trials.   As we do, we may make mistakes along the way.  Do not be disheartened, we should not give up but get up instead, pick up the pieces of our shattered dreams and keep going.

In the end you will see, that despite the broken wings, scraped knees and bruises, our heart becomes strong.  Our character finely molded by experiences making us better persons than what we once used to be.  We may be wounded but we are survivors.  Masters in the battle of life.