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Today maybe an ordinary day but for the Roman Catholic Church, it is one of the most important day because today is the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is the day when Notre Dameans hold activities in the honor of Our Lady. Being a Notre Damean myself, I also celebrate and give importance to this day as it became a part of my life. I have been a Notre Damean and proud to be since I was 12. I attended Notre Dame schools from high school to college. They are Notre Dame of Edcor and Notre Dame of Midsayap College respectively. It has been a family tradition for us. So every time this day comes, I can't help reminiscing my 8 years inside Catholic institutions that mold me and made me what I am today. I strive to be a living testimony of my schools' vision-mission. For me to make a positive difference wherever I am. Even though I am no longer in school, in my heart, I am a Notre Damean and always will be. To my fellow Notre Dameans, HAPPY NOTRE DAME DAY!
And if you can still sing and remember by heart what is written below, you really are a true blooded Notre Damean. A Notre Damean spirit is still alive and burning inside you.
Notre Dame, Our Mother
Notre Dame, our Mother
Tender, strong and true
Proudly in the heavens,
Gleams thy gold and blue.
Glory's mantle cloaks thee
Golden is thy fame,
And our hearts forever,
Praise thee, Notre Dame.
And our hearts forever,
Love thee, Notre Dame.