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Today is holiday here in the Philippines The Islam believers are celebrating Edl Fitr, a holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting which is one of the greatest religious observances in Islam.  The whole nation is also commemorating the day of Martial Law declaration under the Marcos regime.  It was declared on September 21, 1972 by virtue of Proclamation 1081.  I was not yet born at that time.  I only knew about it from my father and later from history books.  My father has nothinf but bad memories of this era.  There were a lot of human rights violation and abuse of power.  He was even an eye-witness to these abuses.

Well, whatever had happened before, whatever has been its effects on our lives, it belonged already to the past.  It is already a part of the Philippine history.  We should leave it behind us but we must not forget the lessons we have learned from it.  Everytime I look back in that fateful part of history, it makes me appreciate more the freedom I have now.  Thanks to all the Filipinos who gave up their lives to restore this democracy every breathing Filipinos are enjoying.  Cheers for freedom!


Happy birthday to all Martial Law babies.