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You might be wondering why I have greeted you so early. Some of you may think that I am very excited with the yuletide season. Yes you are right. I am as giddy as an eight year old child. But aside from that, today is the first day of the month of September. The beginning of the "BER" months. Here in the Philippines, the first day of September marks the beginning of the Yuletide Season. It is during this time that Pinoys, as we call ourselves are starting to put Christmas decors in our homes. You will hear Christmas songs being played on the air. And the shopping malls are starting to display and sell Christmas decors.

I and my friends have this tradition that whoever greets first on the first day of September should receive a gift on Christmas day. To get advantage, I used to hide from them so they won't see me. And when they're approaching, I will go out of my hiding place and greet them giving them no chance to say a word. But since I already transferred to a new job, my colleagues do not know about it. Oh I miss those moments.

In our own home, we are also starting to decorate our Christmas tree, put on the lights and decors. An activity I enjoy doing with my mother and sisters. It's really a wonderful feeling to see the dancing lights and the picture of laughing Santa Claus and his reindeers. I feel like a child again!