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 If there is one thing that will make me smile as a child, it is the Tootsie Roll.  A chewy bar I always have as a present from my mother every time she went to town.  Aside from the fact that I am a sweet tooth, I love it because it's soft and chewy.  Only thinking about it makes my mouth water (though it makes my jaw ached from chewing for a long time.)

As I grow up, I almost forget about it because I can no longer see Tootsie Roll being sold at stores.  Not until recently when my sister bought me 5 bars.  I haven't gave up my craziness for this sweet bar yet.  When I put it in my mouth, my memories flooded back.  It seems that it was only yesterday that I have my pockets full of those chewy bars.  I can't resist myself from buying a dozen bars.  I filled my pocket, closed my eyes and savor the feeling of being a ten-year old kid again.  It's exhilarating!

When I was a kid, my happiness depended on these sweet bars.  I used to cry every time my mother leave home.  To appease me, she would bring me a box  of these chewy treat.  My day will brighten up as long as I have those luscious bars in my pocket.  But until now I have this unanswered question, are Tootsie Rolls candies, chocolates or caramels?

I wish everything is just as simple as it used to be.  But it is impossible now.  As I grow up everything becomes complicated.  If only I could bring back time.  I wish to be a child again.