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Putting up with the weather with its unpredictable rains depresses me. Sometimes it will just rain while the sun is shining bright. Sometimes, we have a non-stop downpour for a week due to typhoons and monsoon rains. Well what do you expect of a country with rainy and summer seasons only? These drastic changes in weather make me prone to illnesses especially cough and fever.

Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of living in a place where there is a good weather. A place where I can have a good job and I won't have to worry about my safety. I am
already tired of my rough neighborhood.

Since Jason transferred to Arizona, I am also contemplating to live in that place. Though it is a desert state, he said that it's a good place to live. Its capital city is Phoenix which is the largest capital city in the United States of America. It is also a home to one of the greatest attractions in the world, The Grand Canyon. It is very hot in summer but the fall, winter and spring seasons have beautiful and perfect weather.

Knowing that I only have to endure the summer season, makes me fall in love with Arizona. Not to mention that it also has a very good economy and a low unemployment rate. It is also a fast growing beautiful state with low incidence of crime. Most importantly, Arizona is a place I can call my home because there lived the most important person in my life. The person I consider a part of my family. Plus the fact that my little Ushi is waiting for me there, is the biggest reason why I love Arizona.