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This is my favorite Black Forest Goldilocks Premium cake. It is one of my guilty pleasures. I consider it as one of my special cakes. It's very sweet and oh so chocolaty! I usually eat it with my eyes closed to really feel its heavenly taste. To anyone who likes chocolates, eating it gives me a sense of euphoria. I am a cake and chocolate person. I have a sweet tooth. And luckily, i never get the bulges. :)

I bought this cake for my mother's birthday last October 12, 2009 hoping that it could bring a smile to her face. I wanted to make her happy. She never had cakes when she was younger considering how hard her life before. It may be a little expensive but I think she's worth it. For the love I have for her is priceless. And this cake cannot even equal a bit for this love. This is just my gesture of love for her. Since she is special to me so it is also appropriate that I have to give her something special on her birthday.

My father is no big fan of this sweet delight. He always objects to the idea of having cakes on our birthdays. He says, it will do us no good but would only give us this terrible diabetes. I reasoned out that we do not eat cakes
often but he stands on his ground. Oh well, who am I to argue. He is my father.


Yami said...

Paborito ko ang mga cakes ng Goldilocks especially ang mga cakes na mocha ang base.

Analuz said...

Len We have tried the white forest cake lami pud. Pero dili Goldolocks hehehe.