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Whether we like it or not, we are being caught up in this rat race era. Where the best, the latest, the fastest matter most. Where technology is advancing faster than we can blink our eyes. Children behaving like adults and adults behaving otherwise. They are so enamored with the world wide web. It's like all their lives depend on it. How convenient to think that the world is just within the reach of our fingertips. Globalization at its best.

In this generation of Facebook, Twitter, Multiply and Friendster, you may say that you can not ask for anything anymore. But in the midst of these complexities, I still long to go back to the time where everything seems very simple. Do not mistake it for not being able to cope up with change. I only want to go back to the essential simplicity of life. Where recreation is just as simple as playing tumbang preso, kite flying and having conversation with our neighbors, updating each others lives. We may have time chatting with people thousand of miles away from us, but did you ever ask yourself, when was the last time I had conversation with my neighbors? I know a lot of us is guilty of this. And I am not an exception.

I remember as a child, I played with other children under the sun. Taking a bath in the river is the greatest pleasure I had, though I knew fully well that it meant castigation from my mother. I will go home with sun-baked faced and sun-burned back. I can say that I really had a woderful childhood years. I doubt if a lot of kids today have the chance to experience these things. They are still playing but no longer under the sun but in front of computer monitor.

When I was in college, the person who would sit next to me in an internet cafe is of my age or older. But now, I sit next to a 6 or 7 year old kid playing online games I knew nothing about. Sometimes their moms will drag them out because they haven't had their breakfast yet. Imagine how internet influences our daily lives and activities.

As for me? A day won't pass without me checking my e-mails, Farm Town and Mafia Wars. Which reminds me folks that I only have 253 mafia and I am still recruiting to strengthen my family. :) Wanna join me?