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I spent the past weekend at General Santos City, the Tuna Capital of the Philippines. A home to the world renowned boxing champ Manny Pacquiao. The last time I was there was last august to attend my cousin's thanksgiving party and for this month, my grandmother's (whom we fondly call Lola Estring) birthday. I took advantage of the occasion to visit my friends at Citi Hardware Gensan. This is where I spent my trainee days as an inventory analyst when I was still connected with Citi Hardware, Inc.

The 3 1/2 hours of travel could be very boring but the sight of lush vegetation saved me from it. To combat boredom, I focused on watching the trees, cornfields, rice fields and the African palm oil plantation that never seems to end. I love nature in general. The greenery helps my eyes relax.

As the bus traversed the Cotabato-Gensan highway, I can't help but being enamored most specially by the panoramic view of rolling hills and the vast tract of pineapple fields of Polomolok, South Cotabato with Mount Matutum as a prominent backdrop. Watching it is looking at one of the greatest masterpiece. It is a painting that comes to life drawn by the Greatest Painter of all times. The sight was truly one of nature's greatest gifts. I did not only enjoyed it, but at the same time I went home with a grateful heart.

So the next time you're traveling, try to look around you. Do not take for granted the beauty that surrounds you. You will never know what you will discover and realize.

Photo by : Ronald de Jong