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The previous weekend was spent by Filipinos saving themselves from the deluge  caused by the typhoon Ondoy.  I can do nothing but watch the horrible disaster on TV.  It was  appalling.  

The face of Metro Manila in flood and to see people trying to save their lives and that of their families made me feel like it's the doom of the world.  People were walking on electric wires (the lines were dead), on their rooftops, on rafts.  They did everything to survive.

The news on previous nights were all about the typhoon and the flood it brought about.  I saw one dead body got caught in the bamboo branches.  Some bodies were buries in mud.  It's hard to imagine how they felt while this dreadful thing happened to them and eventually took their lives. I even saw a refrigerator and a car caught between the branches of trees.

In the aftermath of the flood, survivors looked for their respective family that they lost in the middle of the raging waters.  There were fortunate ones who have reunited but some were  not lucky enough that up to now, they are still looking for them.

In the face of this unspeakable tragedy, the Filipinos were able to show that they have a heart.  the nation that is being divided by politics unite to help their won people.  A lot of donations flowed in.  A lot volunteered to distribute relief goods to the victims.  It was amazing that for a time, they set aside politics.  They showed selflessness.  Here, you will see that amidst the adversity, they showed what it's like to be a real Filipino.  They made the spirit of "bayanihan" alive.  I hope that it will not be just short-lived.  That even in good times they will do the same to advance our nation.  We should not wait for another tragedy to strike to be real Filipino again.