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It's been a while since my boss told me and my officemates that she wanted to start a blog.  I have forgotten about it until she mentioned it again this morning.  She said she is very excited to start it already.  So as not to dampen her excitement, we helped her to set up her own blog.  Everything went well until we reach the subject of blog templates.  I find it difficult to find a new template that suits her because I don't know about what she wants.  All I know is that she loves pink.  For now, we temporarily put a pink shopaholic template as we are still searching  for the one that she would like and would really suit her blog.  If you know of  sites with wide array of templates to choose from, please let me know.  Your help is very much welcome and appreciated.  Thanks in advance.


Analuz said...

Wow! When their blogs are ready Len inform me para masuroy pud nako.

scribbler said...

Hi. Check out the the templates at :)

Thanks for following my blog. :)