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I am fond of reading since I learned how to read. It's something I inherited from my father. I read all the books and magazines we have at home. My day won't pass without me opening pages of a book. I am really fascinated with them. I consider every book a wonder, a glimpse to an author's mind of rich ideas. My favorite authors are Michael Crichton, John Grisham and Sidney Sheldon. I have my collection of their books also.

But the way I read books changed when I learned about ebooks. I still collect books but not on my shelves anymore, they're stored on my PC. When I found out about this new ebooks search engine, it made a lot easier for me to look up for my favorite books without going to the bookstore which sometimes run out of stock of the books I am looking for. It saved me a lot of time for searching for the download link of the book.

With, you will not be disappointed because they have a wide array of collection of books from all over the world some of them in pdf format. And hey, this is where I have found Harry Potter in a matter of minutes. I saved myself from paying too much for a book. Before I forgot, I still have to look up for James Bond's ebooks. I hope you will try and enjoy like I do. Till next time and happy reading!!!!!!!


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