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Red:  The Color of Political Violence

Click here to see how power could corrupt people.  In the name of power politics, this is what people can do.  Take a glimpse at the violence that took place in our beloved Maguindanao yesterday. It was gory and bloody, bloodshed for selfish ambitions.  A senseless criminal act that wasted precious lives.

This is a humongous violation of human rights.  I appeal to all people out there who respects the value of life,  please pray that the victims of this heinous crime can have justice from this atrocity.


scribbler said...

the roots of violence stem from politics without principles.

i join in the call for prayer and justice for the victims of political violence.

Cecile said...

that is very sad; i will join you on praying for them!

January said...

I hope and pray justice will prevail!