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Good news folks! Early in the morning of November 4, 2009, I got one of the best surprise in my life as a blogger. I got a page rank 1 already. It may be an insignificant achievement for others but I consider it a great feat considering that I am a newbie in bloglandia.

I want to give credit to
Ate An who introduced me into the world of blogging. It was she who provided me with the basic know-how in starting my humble blog and for her constant visits and feed backs. They are all appreciated ate. Also to my officemate Calay whom I exchange information and ideas every time we talk and to Yami for the comments and visits. Thank you very much.

And to all the people I have not mentioned here as well as those who cared to read my blog, I am grateful to all of you for keeping my blog alive with your visits.

It has been my desire to write to express myself and to share what I have in mind to the world. When I learned about blogging, I have found a way to hone my writing skills. I really wish I had that. :)

As a way of thanking Him for this great favor He had done to me, I shared a fraction of my earnings here to the
Habitat For Humanity. It is not too late to practice a little charity and start caring about other people. This is my way of expressing my gratefulness for all that He has provided me this year.


scribbler said...

Hi, congratulations for achieving rank page of 1!

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I was trying to tweak it -- changed my template, etc... ayun tabingi-tabingi.. hehehe.. but i'll learn.. :)

Yami said...

Congrats sis! Ako rin tuwang-tuwang when I find out nag-increase din ang PR ko sana wag bawiin ni Mr. G sa atin. :D