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As I was browsing my pictures, I came upon this picture taken inside Citi Hardware Cotabato when I was still working there.  Memories flooded back in my mind.  I missed my three years of answering phones which were endlessly ringing while processing the documents of our deliveries coupled with the incessant inquiries of countersales and merchandisers about available stocks.  I miss the long hours of never ending inventory seasons.  Gone were the days of beating deadlines of month-end reports, of printing voluminous merchandisers sales reports and reconciling of printed bar codes.  These are some things that made me exhausted at the end of the day.  It may have been hard work but working hard made me appreciate every cent I earned.

While I was there, I seized every opportunity to learn Every task is a challenge and a chance to grow as a person and learning new things everyday.  I learned to be flexible (though it's hard) in dealing with people of varied backgrounds and characters.  What I liked most was the chance to meet people and eventually build good friendship with them.  Some of them,  I talked to over the phone everyday.  Eventhough  I have not gotten the chance to meet some of them in person, they became my good friends even after I left Citi Hardware.  I consider them my precious friends that I would cherish for a lifetime.

These are some of our latest photos taken inside Citi Hardware when I visited them recently.  These people made my stay in this establishment worthwhile.  Thank you guys.