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I am going to Davao City tomorrow not to enjoy my weekend but just to pay my insurance premium.  My original plan was to go on Saturday but my aunt inform me that the company is close on weekends.  So I got no other choice but to inform my boss that I will have to be absent from work.  I was so happy when she said yes. 

Insurance for me is a good investment.  I chose Manulife Freedom @ 65 plan.  I trusted the company's good standing despite what's happening to the pre-need companies these days.  We are surrounded by life's uncertainties as long as we are breathing.  It is not bad to prepare for the worst if ever it will happen.  As Jason always tell me, life is unfair so hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

My cousin tried to discouraged me by saying it is not a wise move to invest on insurance.  Still I go for it because I believe it's worth the risk.  It is something I have to do for my family.  If anything happens to me, at least I have something to leave for them.  I will risk everything for my family.  Besides, taking risks is what life is all about.  And to quote Jason again, taking risks is what makes life worth living.