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We know that it is common among some parents to have a favorite among their children.  Although they would say that they love their children equally, deep down they know there is this special one that is closer to their hearts.

My parents are not an exemption to this especially my father.  Although he won't say it, his actions betray him.  When I was still a teen-ager, I was revolting because I observed that he favored one of my siblings.  The way he treated her is different from the rest of us.  But then I realized that it will do me no good if I would ruin my life just for that issue.  In my mind I was saying, so what if I am not the favored one?  I can still be a better person.  That's my way of thinking before.  So I stopped vying for his attention.  I retreated into a world where only me, my notes, pens and my books exist. That was the time I felt that an invisible wall began to grow between us. What I just like was that my father never compared me with my other siblings.  In our family, sibling rivalry was never an issue.  We are aware that each of us are unique in our own way.

I am glad that my father and I are in good terms now.  As time passed by, I learned to forgive him and myself in the process.  As I advance in years, I began to see things from his point of view.  I now understand why he has a favorite.  It's not because he willed it but because he just can't help it.