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As I watched the glittering adornments on different streets of Manila on tv last night, I almost feel that Christmas is here. The atmosphere gives away the hint that Yuletide season is just around the corner. The flashy lights, the Christmas songs being played in the airwaves, the gargantuan Christmas tree displays say it all. It looks like typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng had not struck the country.

It's just been a couple of weeks since these catastrophes struck the Luzon area to the ground. But with the flexibility of character and endurance of the Filipinos, not to mention our happy nature, (we manage to tell a joke or laugh even in the midst of trials) my people were able to bounce back like it never happened at all.

When the above-mentioned typhoons "visited" the country, what I was thinking during that moment was that, how would the victims of the flood recover from so much loss? I was thinking, what are they going to put on their tables when Noche Buena comes, considering that all their properties were lost in the raging floods. I felt so sad for them. I would be enjoying my meals come Noche Buena and Media Noche. We have a Christmas tree at home that my mother laboriously decorated. I already made my Christmas list. But what about them?

It is not easy to see other people shopping for Christmas presents while you on the other hand is struggling to make a living to feel your family who are taking refuge at the evacuation center. I never wanted to go through that pain. Confronted with the reality and unfairness of life, I came to realize that I am very lucky. I may have been living in a place notorious for its crimes, drugs and wars but I thank God just the same. Because I can still provide for myself. I live without depending on someone's help. I have a warm bed to sleep on and soft pillows to hug. Our home may be rotting of old age but still it stands to provide my family comfort and shade. My family is healthy and the happiness and contentment it gives me cannot be bought with money. All these remind me to stop whining about the place I live in. It may not be what you can call a paradise at but it is still a place I can call home.