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I am enjoying my long weekend. I went home to my family but now I am back as tomorrow is working day again. My friend whom I call my Ate Inday texted me yesterday saying she's getting married today. I am having mixed feelings since yesterday. I am happy because finally after a big disappointment, she found the man whom she would spent the rest of her life. I am sad at the same time because I can no longer sleep at her side whenever I visit their home like I used to do. Oh God, what I am thinking! It is not right I know. I am getting childishly selfish again.

The first time I felt this way was when my sister Elanie got married in 2007. I felt sad because I was thinking that my sister was being taken from me. But then I realized there wasn't any reason to be sad. Instead I should be celebrating as I gained another brother in the person of her husband. I love my sister. I know that it will make her happy so I have to let go. Besides, love is just about letting go of the people you hold dear in your heart if you know that it will make them happy. You cannot clip their wings if they want to fly. It is  part of the changes in our lives. I am just being overprotective sometimes. Being the eldest, I can't help feeling this way. I have no other thoughts in mind but the welfare of my siblings. Though they tend to be disagreeable sometimes, which is normal (it happens to everyone) but I love them just the same.

When Euvelyn got married, it's already okay with me as I always see her husband and I already consider him my brother long before they tied the knot. It's just a matter of familiarity with the person that made me accept another change in our lives as siblings.  I know that's she's in good hands. That thought put my mind at ease.