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I was on my way to the office yesterday when I saw a cloud of smoke coming from a nearby establishment  popularly known among the locals as barter trade center.  The stall owners were busy as bees as they tried to salvage their goods from the fire.  Governor Gutierrez Avenue was jammed with traffic as the traders trying desperately to transfer their goods into their vehicles.I did not worry about it because the way I look at it, it's just a small incident that can be easily handled.  But I was shocked when I got out of the office to see the place all burned down.  Has Friday the 13th got something to do with this?  I don't really believe this thing though.  I was disheartened because this is the place where I buy "pasalubongs" for my friends and relatives.  It is one of Cotabato's tourist attraction for its very affordable malongs.

On the lighter side of things.  I am excited today because tomorrow will be Pacquiao-Cotto fight, with Pacman eyeing his 7th title and trying to bag a new world record.  Our politicians are already flocking Las Vegas right at this very moment.  Also The US Secretary  of State was here yesterday for a two-day visit to boost the relationship between her country and ours.  She had a dialogue with the UST students that they dubbed as The Manila Forum.  She made a confident statement that Pacquiao will win the fight when asked by Chris Tiu about it.  I believe the same thing too.  I am just worried about the singers who will sing our National Anthem tomorrow.  I heard it is the La Diva.   I hope they will sing it note for note accordingly.  Martin Nievera disgraced us the last time for singing his own version and not the original version of the anthem.  Lupang Hinirang's (Chosen Land) tempo is not hip hop, not ballad or a love song.  Please please guys do it according to the  musical arrangement and composition of Julian Felipe.  Show some respect to the composer of this revered anthem of Filipinos.  We are not talking about your talent here or how high your notes are.  Just sing the anthem the way it should be.


Ron said...

This is going to be a great fight that I think Pacquiao has an advantage.

40 in stilleto said...

I agree, our Lupang Hinirang should be sang as it is.The song is so beautiful that even an ordinary voice would give pizaz to its lyrics.Heart and soul, body and mind, Filipinos are worth every lyric of the song.Mabuhay!