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If there is a person I hate next to a criminal,  it's the irresponsible smoker.  I really hate to see a person puffing deadly smoke in the presence of the public.

Yesterday on my way home, I happened to be riding with two irritating passengers.  People who were not thinking at all.  People who were not conscientious enough to think that they are not the only people around.  I became a victim of the deadly smoke they were emitting.  Great!  I became a second hand smoker.  Thanks to these stupid guys.  They didn't care that not all people enjoy what they were doing.  I was itching to tell them but I stopped myself.  I did not wanted to humiliate them in front of other people.  They already saw that I was covering my nose.  It was a dead give away already but stupid as they are, they didn't took my hint.  Why can't they just take in all the smoke and drown their lungs with it instead of puffing it out and polluting the non-smokers in the process?

 I was revolting until I alighted from the jeepney.  I wanted to punched their faces so they will realize what inconvenience they had done to me. I hope they choke.  I am crossing my fingers.  Maybe they need to have an emphysema or worse lung cancer to realize that smoking is bad for their health.