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At around seven in the morning, I woke up to my cousin’s voice as she tried to wake me up. I am still very sleepy as I slept around two in the morning. I do not want to get up yet but because of her insistence, I was persuaded to stand up and greet the morning sun. Oh my, what a day. I am happy because we are together. We have a gathering like some sort of a reunion. We are not complete though. This event is to realize my Uncle Puyan’s wish of having a gathering in our ancestral home when he was still alive. His plan was interrupted by his premature death in December of 2007. My heart still bleeds everytime I saw my aunt crying when she talks about him. We have not recovered from our great loss yet. I felt a pang of sadness inside me. I just let it pass as today is Christmas. I am not supposed to dwell in my negative thoughts.

We had a small gathering. Neighbors and other members of the family came over. We had a little chit chat. We looked at my aunt’s old photo albums and reminisced our childhood years. We had a good laugh at our pictures filled with innocence. I love moments like this. If only my grandparents were alive to witness what became of us. I know they will never be disappointed. I also know, my Uncle Puyan is watching us from his place in heaven.