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Whenever people think of Mindanao, what would come to their minds is that it is a place of violence and barbarism. It is a war zone, cradle of kidnappings, massacres and all other crimes you can think of. For others, it is a breeding ground of terrorism. Because of this bad reputation, the tourism industry in this region suffers.
It is very disheartening for me every time I tell people where I came from. As their first reaction is, oh really, is it safe there? I want to tell anybody who reads this that Mindanao is not all about violence. There is also beauty and goodness here. Visit Aliawan Enterprises and see what Mindanao has to offer.

Aliawan Enterprises is a site that highlights the other side of Mindanao as captured by the lenses of their cameras and through their travel chronicles. When I learned about this site, it was like finding somebody who has the same point of view as me. I read one of their articles that is very interesting. A foreigner wrote it. I felt so ashamed of myself after reading it. I am a native of Mindanao but what I know of this place is nothing compared to what he knows. I shared the article to some of my foreign friends in the hope that their negative idea about my place will change.
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