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Jason woke me up singing Happy Birthday over the phone two days after my birthday (for him it's only 1 day after because of our different time zones).  The guy could sing.  He has a good voice for singing.  It was the first time I heard him sing.  I was flattered by his efforts to call me and sing considering that he is from the other side of the world.  Not everybody could do that.  To have somebody close to my heart sing to me is already enough to make my day.

He said I am his favorite friend and knowing it makes me a little spoiled with him.  I can be a little child with him.  He tolerates my crazy thoughts but also admonish me whenever I am already too much to handle.  He is the elder brother I never had.  Well anyway, next time I will let him sing Star Spangled Banner and the them song of a Japanese anime Bleach he was telling me about.  He sings the Japanese song without any idea what it means. :)