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While reading the Philippine Daily Inquirer yesterday, I read an interesting article in The World section.  It says that there are scientists that are conducting an investigation on the possibility that a kangaroo can help in the treatment of skin cancer.  They are further studying to find out if the DNA repair enzyme found in the said animal can be a model to develop a procedure in combating DNA damage that leads to skin cancer.  They are also in the process of examining the chemistry of the DNA repair system to determine its feasibility to cure the same disease.

Linda Feketeova and Uta Wille work hand in hand with the scientists from University of Innsbruck in Austria in exploring the possibility of utilizing the kangaroo model to repair the damage caused by the sun to human DNA by employing an instrument called mass spectrometer.  With the aid of this equipment, they are imitating the effect of the kangaroo enzyme on the damaged DNA that has the possibility of developing into skin cancer.

In the process of their experimentation, they got promising results as the procedure of repairing the DNA has produced chemical by-products.  Products that need further study to understand the DNA repair enzyme better and explore the possibility of using it for treating skin cancer efficaciously and safely.


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